May 11, 2011

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She wanted romance and escape and she did not want to share it with the blithe ease of unmarried twenty three year-old tech-start-up shitheads. What had we earned? Why did we get to share her peaches and wildflowers?

Maniac, or architecture client?

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“Neutra writes about the architect being a kind of physician and about the special role of the house in what he calls the ‘development of an architecture attuned to biology’: The client of a domestic project sits with his wife… very visibly and audibly before us. We can learn in practice how to conduct a ...

West and South

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“One difference between the West and the South, I came to realize in 1970, was this: in the South they remained convinced that they had bloodied their land with history. In California we did not believe that history bloody the land, or even touch it.” –Joan Didion, Where I Was From

the realty dreads

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“My own view is that the realty dreads (which is what the Markhams have, pure and simple) originate not in actual house buying, which could just as easily be one of life’s most hopeful optional experiences; or even in the fear of losing money, which is not unique to realty; but in the cold, unwelcome, ...

from Marvelous Possessions

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“In the trifling islands of art brutal power can be transformed into just authority, emptiness can be absorbed into desire, and loss can undergo a magical sea-change into infinite riches.” –Stephen Greenblatt

This is what I’m reading right now.

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Home-ownership and Ontological Security Saunders used survey evidence to argue that home-ownership is more strongly associated with pride, warmth, autonomy, relaxation and identity than renting, (Saunders, 1990, pp. 270-274).    However,  his  methodology has been criticised by a number of commentators (Darke, 1994; Doyle, 1996; Gurney, 1997) who argue that subtle differences between attitudes and meanings ...