Are you free from sin?

01. July 2015 here now 0
Are you free from sin?
Sitting in a café at the edge of downtown, I’m near the midpoint in my usual commute to work, at the edge of Los Angeles’s district of gentrified warehouses, the Arts District. A couple of generations of actual artists have lived around here. Some of them are now being edged out, by the successful marketing ...

A Pandemonium of Parrots

17. September 2014 here now 1
A Pandemonium of Parrots
The weather is angry, the heat comes down like a curtain within an hour of sunrise to suffocate the days, these storied Los Angeles days that put your teeth on edge. Los Angeles Is Burning goes through my head. Palm trees like candles in the murder wind. Except there’s no wind. Yesterday, when I went outside to walk ...

Next To Me

10. May 2013 here now 4
Emeli Sandé is singing to herself. To her own talent, to be more exact. We watch from above as she walks into a warehouse. The man next to her — as she sings her song — drums. He keeps the beat. The paint on the floor is worn through. In a palette of blacks and ...

Earthquake weather

08. August 2012 here now 0
They say earthquake weather is a myth, but lots of Los Angeles writers have used it as a metaphor for that feeling that maybe the hot wind is trying to tell you something or that the earth, at a particular moment, feels shifty. I think it’s nothing to do with tectonic plates. Just an electricity ...

Dear FB,

02. October 2011 here now 3
Admit it. When you change the site, you have an equation that predicts the socioeconomic profile of every annoyed user who will leave. Each vaguely annoying shift purges the unwilling, those refusing to shape themselves to the technology instead of letting it shape them. Admit it. With every change, you monitor us more closely. We ...

Watermelon Rapture

17. May 2011 here now 1
I sit in a visual studies conference and listen to smart people discuss Hitchcock and I think about the Rapture. “This paper does not address the deep irrationality of private life.” I got an invitation to post-Rapture looting on Facebook. As in, looting on May 21 after the chosen get taken. I’ll be there! I ...