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Problems with Authority, Part I

A friend of ours, R., experimented with walking a certain number of steps every day. He said during the experiment he would look at his little device, realize he needed another ninety seven steps, and walk out to get a … Continue reading

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Sunset at Dawn

Friday is bright, with cumulus clouds piling over the mountains, the kind of light that makes you notice things. I notice that an actor has just plastered the telephone poles in my neighborhood with black and white postcards of his … Continue reading

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Yesterday was our first day back from vacation, a vacation where I tried and failed to get work done, so re-entry is somehow doubly hard. They tell you, the people who tell you things about parenting, that “transitions are hard.” … Continue reading

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How A Sand Dune Is Like A Person

An analogy both comforting and ominous. Continue reading

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This is what I’m reading right now.

Home-ownership and Ontological Security Saunders used survey evidence to argue that home-ownership is more strongly associated with pride, warmth, autonomy, relaxation and identity than renting, (Saunders, 1990, pp. 270-274).    However,  his  methodology has been criticised by a number of commentators … Continue reading

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