“H.E. Huntington is entitled to the hearty cooperation…”

13. November 2010 here now 0
From Out West, Charles Fletcher Lummis
1,000 Men At Work
The above descendants of the athletic Greeks of old have just completed the Pasadena Short Line and are now making dirt fly, ballasting the track for quick travel. The Greeks are not alone in the good work of development which Mr Huntington is pushing through, for they are ably seconded by the Japanese and Mexican contingents. By the timekeeper reports over 1100 men completed the broad gauging into Pasadena. H.E. Huntington is entitled to the hearty cooperation of every public spirited citizen in his great enterprise of building network of electric railways to all points in Southern California Now is the time to buy lots in the coming residence suburb of Los Angeles. THE PASADENA VILLA TRACT. Twenty five years ago Pasadena was a sheep pasture. What a grand transformation has been wrought! … We are now selling at $70 but the price will soon be raised to $10. … The new Pasadena Short Line, the Monrovia and Alhambra electric railways now run from our tract to the business center of Los Angeles in only fifteen minutes. Such rapid transit is bound to make our quarter acre villa lots soon sell for over $300. Two more electric lines will soon run through the tract. We guarantee 2.5 per cent increase

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