Maniac, or architecture client?

18. January 2011 here now 0
“Neutra writes about the architect being a kind of physician and about the special role of the house in what he calls the ‘development of an architecture attuned to biology’:
The client of a domestic project sits with his wife… very visibly and audibly before us. We can learn in practice how to conduct a revealing clinical interrogation. Designing a setting for human beings is an important branch of preventive medicine, an intuitive art with a scientific footing, like ‘Medical Art.’… There is a difference, though, between a doctor and an architect: The first is visited by ‘depressives’ worried about a threat to their vitals…. The architect is telephoned by ‘maniacs,’ by a man who is engaged to get married… expecting a rise in salary next quarter… Is a manic or a  depressive easier to handle, to treat, to advise? What is the architect’s contribution toward psychosomatic medicine?”

Neutra quoted in Beatriz Colomina’s Domesticity at War

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