The Doyle and Debbie Show vs. Hedwig and the Angry Inch

30. June 2011 here now 0
A compare and contrast of two stage shows. Fun for all twenty six people who have seen both!! For the record, I enjoyed both productions immensely, and have real affection for both of the worlds being spoofed. I don’t think the tone is exactly the same, nor the politics exactly, but the similarities are striking. (Spoilers if you’re heading to Nashville to see Doyle and Debbie.)
Doyle and Debbie vs. Hedwig
Nashville New York
Country Rock and roll
The Doyle and Debbie Duo, a country duo The Angry Inch, a rock and roll band
Loving but keen satire of:  Nashville red-state earnest country conventions Gentle send-up with ultimate embrace of: Big city PC rock-and-roll dreams
Fringe Bustier
Barely concealed resentment of ex-wives Debbie 1 and 2 Rage, resentment and forgiveness of ex-boyfriend, Tommy Gnosis
“I Ain’t No Homo (But You Sure Look Good to Me)” “Sugar Daddy, bring it home”
Record execs who want to sign Debbie on her own after Doyle brought her to Nashville. Record execs who made Tommy famous with songs he stole from Hedwig.
Doyle feels emasculated. Hedwig had most of his penis removed.
“When you’re screwing other women, think of me” “Wicked Little Town”
What you hear just outside the stage door: Single-mother Debbie 3’s kids fighting in the car. What you hear just outside the stage door: Tommy Gnonis fans screaming in a packed arena stadium.
Daddy’s scalp is in a box, taken down from the shelf tonight.  The scalp is possessed by Daddy’s alcoholic and abusive spirit. Big, blonde wig is in a box, taken down from the shelf tonight.  The wig is possessed with the power to make you feel like a rockstar.
“Fat Women in Trailers” “The Origins of Love”

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