06. December 2011 here now 0
End of the quarter: 9 days from now Hours on the train: 2 Hours commuting: 4 Hours out of the house: 11.5 Predicted height of stack of student portfolios: 2.5’ Number of things in the media that made me cry: 2 Glasses of white wine–short glasses, long pour: 2 Vegetables: 2 Other substances: caffeine, mucinex, ricola, chocolate, tylenol, nyquil, marshmellow Books: Marx on Money, Suzanne de Bruhoff; Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson; Where I Was From, Joan Didion; Fatal Journey, Peter Mancall. Songs: I Kissed A Girl, Katy Perry; In Sleep, Lissie; Love Is Blindness cover, Jack White. Minor regrets: 12 Major regrets: 3 Police dogs at Union Station: 2 Times H. pretended to be a puppy: 5 Topics of marital conversation: Work schedule logistics, grocery acquisition, menu planning, current cocktail choice, cuteness of H., weekend work schedule logistics, Marx, holiday travel, “Baby, It’s Cold outside,” travel logistics, Occupy Wall Street and the definition of “middle class.” Self-laceration: 50% Self-congratulation: 20% Self-delusion: 20% Everything else:  10% I should have moved into a tent downtown: at least 4 times I should start meditating again: at least 6 times Time spent meditating: 0 minutes Time spent daydreaming: 85 minutes Time spent catastrophizing: 45 minutes Time spent unable to tell the difference between those two: 15 All grown up: A different continent. Prolonged adolescence: Next door Talk to me: Now Leave me alone: Later

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