Where does the name of the site come from? The name of the site comes from the famous old Marlene Dietrich femme fatale movie, Der Blaue Engel. I have no special feelings either way for the Navy flyers. And yup, a blue angel is something funny on Urban Dictionary. Look it up. I got obsessed with with Marlene, briefly, during a film class in college. While I respect them, I am not a film geek. Here is a post about the movies that ruined me. Here are the two other movies I have been truly obsessed with. Both are about assassins: —La Femme NikitaGrosse Pointe Blank Marlene Dietrich and I share the same birthday. She lived in Paris as a German but never went in for any Nazi bull. Her romantic life was complicated. She is mentioned in the autobiographies of  intriguing people. I stole a screen name from her when I was nineteen. Here’s Marlene Why are you doing this? I’m not sure, but it scratches an itch. P. is my husband, H. and T. are my daughters, and I live in a house in Los Angeles.

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