7 Things About Prince

21. April 2016 here now 1
7 Things About Prince
I’m not a human I am a dove I’m your conscious I am love All I really need is to know that You believe   1) Seeing the movie Purple Rain, as a kid. The scene where he gets Apollonia to jump in the lake, I felt mad at him, and also funny inside, which ...

Jeanne Carr and John Muir

20. January 2016 here now 0
Jeanne Carr and John Muir
We spent a few days this winter in Yosemite. I hadn’t been there since I was a child. On the school trip there in 5th grade, I remember seeing a family of six quail walking beak to tail in descending order of size. I remember a Quonset hut. I remember heroic narratives about John Muir. I ...

Future Spa

02. May 2015 here now 0
Future Spa
If I were skating and you were skating and other people were taking a shower in their own golden hair, with pulley systems, and six-pack abs, and splashing in the golden light of the future,  if everything were echo deco font and the sphinxlike spaceman  bodybuilder were being birthed from the back of a semi, ...

Los Brazos

09. May 2012 here now 1
We were in Texas. The taxi from the Waco airport pulled up into a summer night full of crickets—crickets hopping slowly outside baggage claim, crickets in the bushes, crickets in the air. The drive to our hotel felt like a different country. I could smell the Brazos river before I saw it. The day’s afterglow ...

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

15. January 2012 here now 4
The Atlantic, while a storied magazine that hires talented writers, seems to have adopted an editorial policy that can be summed up in three words: “Provoke, provoke, provoke.”  It’s like they lopped off the top of the BuzzFeed hourglass, the smiley half of the “what kind of shit do people forward?” equation, the part with ...

Drive All Night

07. July 2011 here now 3
I used to want to check out every diner up and down NY-22 and I-90. I remember one that rose up off an embankment as you came around a bend, a curve of silver windows like the hull of a spaceship, behind five foot-high neon letters: DINER. It was somewhere between Williamstown and New York. ...