Cheap Thrills

15. July 2016 here now 0
Cheap Thrills
Summer anthems are not, or are not always, the best song or the most important song. They are the temporary, even disposable songs, celebrating the just right now, even when the just right now combines a terrifying mash up of all that threatens us and all that we want to protect. Yesterday was Bastille day and ...

7 Things About Prince

21. April 2016 here now 1
7 Things About Prince
I’m not a human I am a dove I’m your conscious I am love All I really need is to know that You believe   1) Seeing the movie Purple Rain, as a kid. The scene where he gets Apollonia to jump in the lake, I felt mad at him, and also funny inside, which ...

Reading Katy Perry

21. June 2013 here now 4
At the dinner table, my four-year-old girl sings out: “There’s a stranger in my bed! There’s a pounding in my head! Last Friday night!” And I am so busted. “Oh, we don’t listen to that song anymore…” I say, sheepishly. My husband is not convinced. My daughter adores Katy Perry… at Trop Mag  

Dance, dance, evolution.

23. July 2012 here now 2
My father drove me to ballet classes for years, at Mrs. Stamps’ Ballet Academy. I stopped right after I started to learn to go up on point, before I got my own toe shoes. This mean that my parents suffered through at least four productions of The Nutcracker. I think part of the reason I ...


23. February 2012 here now 1
A “Mondegreen” is when they play Owner of a Lonely Heart, and you hear “Omar was a lonely horse.” I learned Home, Home on the Range when I was very young. I didn’t know what “seldom” meant when I learned the song: Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all ...

I do the best imitation of myself

23. January 2012 here now 3
A long time ago in New York, I saw Ben Folds Five at a small club in the East Village. I held onto the name of the club for a long time, but my brain has now given up on such categories of information. I remember a standard-issue black box, with sticky floors and a ...

So You Think You Can Dance Redux

16. June 2011 here now 11
[ notes: Sarah originally posted this in comments, but it deserved its own post.] On the sisters: I try to imagine someone in an editing room, considering the story. What’s the story? What production assistant said–keep her, keep the big one. It doesn’t matter that we all know where this is going, we can milk it ...

So You Think You Can Dance

12. June 2011 here now 16
Two sisters audition together. They are black. They’re built with thick hips and strong hands. They dance together, the only couple on the show. They incorporate African dance into their routine. They are easy with each other, best friends, they say they push each other to excel. One is a slightly larger version of the ...


07. June 2011 here now 0
The politics of scheduling: We do not reschedule. They reschedule on us. Sometimes right before-hand, hours before. The assistants are unfailingly polite, effusive. “We are so sorry.” People in their lives get sick. They themselves get sick. Their excuses are sweet, like the excuses of my college undergrads. “Don’t give your family bad mojo by ...