Are you free from sin?

01. July 2015 here now 0
Are you free from sin?
Sitting in a café at the edge of downtown, I’m near the midpoint in my usual commute to work, at the edge of Los Angeles’s district of gentrified warehouses, the Arts District. A couple of generations of actual artists have lived around here. Some of them are now being edged out, by the successful marketing ...

A Pandemonium of Parrots

17. September 2014 here now 1
A Pandemonium of Parrots
The weather is angry, the heat comes down like a curtain within an hour of sunrise to suffocate the days, these storied Los Angeles days that put your teeth on edge. Los Angeles Is Burning goes through my head. Palm trees like candles in the murder wind. Except there’s no wind. Yesterday, when I went outside to walk ...

Problems with Authority, Part I

16. March 2012 here now 5
A friend of ours, R., experimented with walking a certain number of steps every day. He said during the experiment he would look at his little device, realize he needed another ninety seven steps, and walk out to get a carton of milk. Keeping track kept him motivated. I find this interesting, not because it ...

Sunset at Dawn

25. September 2011 here now 2
Friday is bright, with cumulus clouds piling over the mountains, the kind of light that makes you notice things. I notice that an actor has just plastered the telephone poles in my neighborhood with black and white postcards of his headshots. RIK MARTINO. He looks stereotypically Italian, in his forties or fifties. On the back ...


06. July 2011 here now 4
Yesterday was our first day back from vacation, a vacation where I tried and failed to get work done, so re-entry is somehow doubly hard. They tell you, the people who tell you things about parenting, that “transitions are hard.” Isn’t this true of everyone, for our whole lives? Last night, H. wanted to sit ...

This is what I’m reading right now.

28. April 2010 here now 0
Home-ownership and Ontological Security Saunders used survey evidence to argue that home-ownership is more strongly associated with pride, warmth, autonomy, relaxation and identity than renting, (Saunders, 1990, pp. 270-274).    However,  his  methodology has been criticised by a number of commentators (Darke, 1994; Doyle, 1996; Gurney, 1997) who argue that subtle differences between attitudes and meanings ...