Cheap Thrills

15. July 2016 here now 0
Cheap Thrills
Summer anthems are not, or are not always, the best song or the most important song. They are the temporary, even disposable songs, celebrating the just right now, even when the just right now combines a terrifying mash up of all that threatens us and all that we want to protect. Yesterday was Bastille day and ...

How we know each other

06. January 2014 here now 7
At the end of 2013, I sat with S. while she smoked a cigarette out on the patio at a bar that we like. Two guys came over and bummed a smoke. They asked us how we knew each other. S. said, “Drinking and writing. ” This strikes me as the best possible way to ...

Reading Katy Perry

21. June 2013 here now 4
At the dinner table, my four-year-old girl sings out: “There’s a stranger in my bed! There’s a pounding in my head! Last Friday night!” And I am so busted. “Oh, we don’t listen to that song anymore…” I say, sheepishly. My husband is not convinced. My daughter adores Katy Perry… at Trop Mag  

The Princess Phase

11. April 2013 here now 3
..And yet, when I introduce my girl to the actresses in full Ariel and Cinderella finery, and I see her little eyes light up… I can’t help it. I love the princesses for being so real to her. She is just at the cusp of losing this ability to believe in make-believe. She knows they’re ...

Dance, dance, evolution.

23. July 2012 here now 2
My father drove me to ballet classes for years, at Mrs. Stamps’ Ballet Academy. I stopped right after I started to learn to go up on point, before I got my own toe shoes. This mean that my parents suffered through at least four productions of The Nutcracker. I think part of the reason I ...

Time travel

05. July 2012 here now 10
I don’t usually miss me in my twenties. Blinkered, that girl tried so hard to kill what she felt, to be someone she wasn’t. She tried so hard to be brave. Who wants to hang out with her? My friends who know and love me now, I suspect we would roll our eyes at her. ...

Summer Anthems, One More Time

12. June 2012 here now 4
I let my students out of their final and told them all, “Have a good summer.” I had to come down on them, this morning. There was a thing with grading, and grades, and whether they had to complete the last paper… (which yes, they did). On the one hand, it breaks my heart every ...

On Ye Olde Ren Faire and Nerdery At Large

25. May 2012 here now 1
I started out high school wearing, most days, a black denim jacket embroidered with a white mask and the words “The Phantom of the Opera.” Yeah. This fact still makes me blush. I was aware that my love of musicals wasn’t cool. Somehow I liked that jacket more than I wanted to be cool. If ...