Not this time

22. January 2017 Uncategorized 0
The Women’s March knows that movement building is not efficient. It can not be made smoothly instrumental. It involves building relationships, changing habits, listening to people. It involves nurture and unpaid work. It means grooming local candidates, turning slow-moving democratic institutions, and learning policies. It also means protests, music, stories, art projects, par-tays and feels. ...

Reading Katy Perry

21. June 2013 here now 4
At the dinner table, my four-year-old girl sings out: “There’s a stranger in my bed! There’s a pounding in my head! Last Friday night!” And I am so busted. “Oh, we don’t listen to that song anymore…” I say, sheepishly. My husband is not convinced. My daughter adores Katy Perry… at Trop Mag  

The Princess Phase

11. April 2013 here now 3
..And yet, when I introduce my girl to the actresses in full Ariel and Cinderella finery, and I see her little eyes light up… I can’t help it. I love the princesses for being so real to her. She is just at the cusp of losing this ability to believe in make-believe. She knows they’re ...

Dance, dance, evolution.

23. July 2012 here now 2
My father drove me to ballet classes for years, at Mrs. Stamps’ Ballet Academy. I stopped right after I started to learn to go up on point, before I got my own toe shoes. This mean that my parents suffered through at least four productions of The Nutcracker. I think part of the reason I ...

Time travel

05. July 2012 here now 10
I don’t usually miss me in my twenties. Blinkered, that girl tried so hard to kill what she felt, to be someone she wasn’t. She tried so hard to be brave. Who wants to hang out with her? My friends who know and love me now, I suspect we would roll our eyes at her. ...

Los Brazos

09. May 2012 here now 1
We were in Texas. The taxi from the Waco airport pulled up into a summer night full of crickets—crickets hopping slowly outside baggage claim, crickets in the bushes, crickets in the air. The drive to our hotel felt like a different country. I could smell the Brazos river before I saw it. The day’s afterglow ...


30. January 2012 here now 16
This morning, I put H.’s breakfast bowl of oatmeal in the microwave, because she said she wanted it heated up. She proceeded to scream at me because I hadn’t let her push the buttons on the microwave. When I told her I hadn’t known that she wanted to push the buttons, she could push them ...

Pieces of the Past

10. December 2011 here now 10
When I found out I was having a girl, I cried for three days. It took me a while to figure out some basic facts about this reaction, including the fact that not everyone has it. In the language of therapy, pieces of the past remained unprocessed. One of the undigested bits was my senior ...

Dear FB,

02. October 2011 here now 3
Admit it. When you change the site, you have an equation that predicts the socioeconomic profile of every annoyed user who will leave. Each vaguely annoying shift purges the unwilling, those refusing to shape themselves to the technology instead of letting it shape them. Admit it. With every change, you monitor us more closely. We ...


18. September 2011 here now 6
Track 1) The brain is grooved. It is like the needle won’t lift and go to the next track. Track 2) Will H. even recognize record players? I remember the smell of my father’s LPs in the credenza in the living room. Like old books, but sweeter. Chopin and Hair the Musical and all of ...